Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canon XHA1: 35 mm Adapter Footage

It also seemed like a good idea, in addition to the "Best of XHA1" post, to compile some clips of the XHA1 being employed with 35 mm adapters. In addition to serving as a bit of a comparison between adapters, it will also show what level can be achieved with the XHA1. Could it be worth buying the XHA1 and spending the savings (compared to the HVX or EX1) on your filmmaking kit?

And yes, of course you should note that the artistry and filmmaking choices of those behind the camera will be a greater factor in the quality of any footage than the differences between the competing adapters.


Here is a clip of the XHA1 and the Brevis 35:

XH-A1 + Brevis35 - First Footage - HD from Matt E on Vimeo.

Note that the videographer added the vignetting in post.


And here is the XHA1 working with the Letus Extreme.

Letus Extreme and Canon XHA1 - First tests from Kjewbee on Vimeo.

You gotta love that cat, even if you're a dog person.

The TAMAR - "A NEW DAY" VIDEO was also filmed with this combo.

Some more...

Story Telling using Canon XHA1 and Letus35 Extreme from Shiv Kumar on Vimeo.

And this one's for the dog people...

(Edit: The video was removed.)

And some XHA1 + Letus tests by a Japanese dude.

And this dude documented his process from opening the Letus box to having it up and running with his XHA1...

Letus Extreme out of the box from Kjewbee on Vimeo.


A music video shot with the XHA1 and the Redrock M2:

Music Video: Heaven In My Heart from Paul Zadie on Vimeo.

And Marlon Torres is back with BROOMMATE, courtesy of the XHA1 / M2 tandem.

And a dude's test of the same two pieces of gear...

And again...

RNG 35

And the XHA1 with the RNG 35 Adapter...

Canon XHA1 + RNG35 35mm adapter from RNG35 on Vimeo.


Test with 35mm adapter SGPro Rev.3 from Luca Ghione on Vimeo.


If you are interested in further dicussion on the topics of adapters in conjunction with the XHA1, here, for example, is a FORUM DISCUSSION on the XHA1 and a Letus / Brevis setup.

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