Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Canon HV20: Green Screen Footage

We have seen some green screen work with various cameras from the Sony EX1 all the way down to the Canon HV30, so why not take a baby-step down further in price range and see what is being done with the Canon HV20.

In the following clips you'll see green screen key work of various quality, which should represent a decent sampling of the key work being achieved in the trenches with the HV20.

Second Green Screen Attempt from Mike Parkinson on Vimeo.

Green Screen Test w/ Cheap Shop Lights from purvistv on Vimeo.

HV20 Greenscreen Tests from Edgar Swooth on Vimeo.

Green screen test from Wes Vasher on Vimeo.

1st Green Screen Test from Kevhead101 on Vimeo.

Green Screen : Dance Evolution from Derek on Vimeo.

And the following two clips show a raw-footage and post-key combination with the HV20.

green screen(before) from dandacameraman on Vimeo.

greenscreen test(after) from dandacameraman on Vimeo.

Note, as always, that the technique of the people involved and their color correction will be large factors in the ultimate success of a given key, to the point where you can't attribute everything you see (positive or negative) to the camera itself.

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