Sunday, October 5, 2008

Canon HV20: "White Red Panic"

Well, this piece of work by Ayz Waraich has received a great deal of fanfare, both in the online casual viewing community, where it has been well-received by the public, and also by critics and experts, as it has been covered in professional write-ups such as this PROLOST ENTRY by the venerable Stu Maschwitz.

The Prolost blog post also includes a few before-and-after screen captures of the color correction process used in the film, which was undoubtedly a huge contributor to the short film's moody success. The color correction techniques are further discussed in this FORUM THREAD at the Rebel's Guide community.

This short film generally speaks for itself.

White Red Panic - SHORT FILM (HD) from Ayz Waraich on Vimeo.

With this piece of work, Mr. Waraich and company may have possibly (in their own small way) done as much for the reputation and marketing of the HV20 as any international advertising campaign that Canon could have launched. They generally took the "Robert Rodriguez Approach," working with simple equipment (a bare bones HV20) and focusing on shot setup and cinematic style.

Below is the trailer for the short film.

White Red Panic - TEASER HD from Ayz Waraich on Vimeo.

The point is...the limitations in filmmaking are usually the people and not the equipment. In the right hands, you can take a Canon HV20 and do something pretty impressive. That said, if you have a buddy willing to sell you his RED ONE for the same price...

Also available online is a PODCAST INTERVIEW with director Ayz Waraich.

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