Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canon XHA1: Independent Feature shot with the A1

In the vein of the CRANK 2 POST, though this may not be the same marketing windfall for the Canon HDV line, I thought I would mention another feature where the Canon XHA1 is being used as the primary camera. In this case, it is the Canon combined with a Brevis adapter.

The website for the feature, with a teaser, is online.

I will note that the teaser essentially includes no audio from principal photography, only scoring and sound effects, so I am not sure what the audio setup was, nor am I sure of the results that were obtained.

However, let it not be said that I did not support independent film and help spread the word.

There is a BLOG for THE DEAD OUTSIDE (IMDB profile) and here is the OFFICIAL SITE, which includes the teaser.

This FORUM POST is also noteworthy because it includes photos of their suped-up XHA1 and some indications of how you can accessorize.

And HERE is their Myspace.

Good luck guys.

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