Thursday, July 10, 2008

Glidecam: Tutorials and Instructional Links

Well, the waters are deep in the Glidecam vs. Steadicam vs. X, Y and Z discussion, almost as deep as cameras, adapters and microphones... Except that (even to a worse degree than the adapter market) there are really not a lot of hard and fast answers.

Anyway, for those with a Glidecam and having trouble, or those considering the option of a Glidecam, here are few links on how-to, personal experiences, and so on.

Here is one man's experience with the GLIDECAM 2000 and the CANON XHA1. It includes videos of his stages of learning. And here are a few pointers from the DVXuser FORUM on the XHA1 with the Glidecam 4000.

A tutorial video on balancing it with the XL2:

How to balance a Canon XL2 on a glidecam

And I am generally not one to promote corporate sites, but this VIDEO from the Glidecam site goes over the balancing mechanisms to a degree.


Joshua said...

There is indeed a great debate about Glidecam Vs. Merlin. In the end both tools can produce a great result but it really is the time and effort an operator puts in, there is no quick solutions. The extra money one spends on a merlin may indeed make your life easier but as I have never used one I cannot comment on it. Hopefully my videos will help people realize it does take some practice!

Jack Cabbage said...

good stuff, bro

Alan said...

Thank you! I removed the video piece by piece, observing all the details possible. it is true the practice makes a lot. Is difficult "to understand! Any additional information: how many discs for weight, which hole in the plate, etc. - are welcome! Thanks again from Italy