Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SONY EX1: Inside a Helicopter - Footage

Thanks to the BLOG OF STEVE CAHILL, the HD video community is being treated to a documentary / news-style piece on paramedics who operate out of a helicopter.

What does that mean?

That means we get to see how the Sony EX1 operates in a helicopter, and this is a relatively important piece of footage.

I was considering just revising the Sony EX1 Rolling Shutter Footage entry, but found this clip to deserve a post of its own because it represents the use of the EX1 and its rolling shutter in an extreme vibration environment, the very type of setting that will, if any, cause the shutter to show its warts.

So take a look at the STEVE CAHILL HELICOPTER CLIP and keep an eye out for rolling shutter artifacts, jellocam, and so on. For some, this clip may be what finally sells them once and for all on the virtues and versatility of the EX1. For others, it may be what ultimately confirms the limitations of the shutter (as extreme a filming environment as this may be).

As a side note, he uses the Letus Extreme to get a shallow depth of field for his interview pieces.

And to this we add more EX1 Chopper clips:



**Addendum: Unfortunately the clip "Playmate, Speedboat and Bono" by Brett Clements was deleted by the producer. It did, however, show some of the limitations associated with rolling shutter image capture.**

The above clip is nicely shot but includes a professional Bono lookalike who...looks very little like Bono. You could put a black suit and The Fly glasses on, I dunno, Snoop Dogg and get about the same resemblance.

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