Monday, June 23, 2008

SONY EX1: Green Screen - Footage

The following clips are some examples of the green screen and keying work that is currently being achieved with the Sony EX1.

The clips include a music video and a simulated nightclub scene.

Tenette - Weave/Star from Dana Rice on Vimeo.

Here, the editors used only Final Cut's tools to pull out the key. Of course, with this particular video, I had a bit of a hard time paying attention to the key work... Um, what was I talking about?

Editing Sample #1 from Zak Mussig on Vimeo.

In the above clip, the attention to detail used by the editors (adding the shadow on the wall, color correction) does a fair bit to make the EX1 footage look good regardless of its abilities to produce keyable video.

I don't know whether these clips were shot with the EX1 in 4:2:0 or whether the HD-SDI was utilized to capture the footage in a 4:2:2 colorspace. However, in the absence of clear information, it seems that most people are saving to the SxS cards, which would mean 4:2:0.

Here, also, is another GREEN SCREEN CLIP made from EX1 footage.

And another music video...

(Edit: The video was removed.)

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