Sunday, July 13, 2008

Canon XHA1: Used with Glidecam 4000 + SmoothShooter - Footage (Part 1)

The majority of these clips are actually from one particular videographer, James Hooey, but I am including them as a collection because he has done a good job of documenting his learning curve with these pieces of equipment and producing a continues stream of video footage along the way.

The clip below is his first day with the SmoothShooter system, after some experience already with both the XHA1 and the Glidecam 4000. He does some tests such as running flat out to see how the system responds. He describes the experience of filming without a SmoothShooter to be somewhat hellish.

Kind of makes me think of the GlideCam systems a little bit like my Mach 3 razor. The handle (Glidecam) is almost free, but then you have to take out a mortgage for the razor blades (the SmoothShooter). Anyway, here is some footage.

Glidecam 4000/Smooth Shooter Tests from James Hooey on Vimeo.

And some more clips of the combination at work...

Night of Living Louder - Meet the Suspects from James Hooey on Vimeo.

Bowery's Lament - Underground 66 Music Video from James Hooey on Vimeo.

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