Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SONY EX1: Working with Glidecam - Footage

Given the rolling shutter issues that can pop up with handheld footage, there have been a few questions about how the EX1 will perform with various filming techniques and accessories.

I was able to find a bit of footage of the EX1 being operated with a Glidecam (in the case of the following clip, the Glidecam X10).

This is YouTube quality compression, so it can't be used for any detailed analysis, but from a rough viewing at this level, I can't say that any glaring wobble or Jellocam issues were readily visible.

It is also nice to see the Glidecam and EX1 working together, since there were some worries that the front-heavy design of the EX1 would make it challenging to counterbalance.

HERE is a brief forum discussion on using the EX1 with a Glidecam setup.

HERE is another.

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