Friday, June 27, 2008

HVX: Green Screen - Footage

Well, the first thing an HVX / Panasonic supporter will refer you to, in an argument for their camera of choice over a competitor, is the 4:2:2 colorspace. Check that, once they discredit the rolling shutter, then comes the 4:2:2. But it is a noteworthy attribute of the camera, especially if you intend to any significant amount of color key or green screen work.

With that in mind, here are some clips of green screening with the HVX...

WWII- Special Effects Semester Project from Chris Newman on Vimeo.

This clip is also referred to in my BEST OF HVX post, but I've included it again simply because the best key of all is one you can't tell (or can barely tell) even was a key.

And here's some more green screen work, in a pretty cool video...

Entity - Touch and go from Nicky Campos on Vimeo.

And another by the same guys...

Kabelo Abongwana from Nicky Campos on Vimeo.

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