Monday, June 23, 2008

Canon XHA1: Custom Preset Tests - Footage

Especially given how flat and drab the XHA1 footage is reputed to be directly out of the box, there has been a great deal of interest online and in forums about custom in-camera presets to tweak the camera's settings for image capture and color rendition. With these presets, you will see that there is actually quite a bit of latitude for different looks within the XHA1 before even getting to post-production. It does, however, require a little bit of work, research and testing on your part.

Below are some instances of test preset footage undertaken by various good samaritan videographers. And do bear in mind that these individuals are under no obligation to post such tests. They do so entirely out of a desire to help move everyone's expertise along, so big ups to these guys, and also to the developers of the presets (among them, Steven "Disjecta" Dempsey") for sharing the fruits of their ingenuity...

Canon XH-A1 Custom Preset Movie from Gert Kracht on Vimeo.

Update: The Roger Shealy video of preset tests (which was linked to here) was taken down from Vimeo.

HERE is a link to a database of XHA1 custom presets and a discussion of the concept.

And HERE, Paolo Ciccone discusses his TRUECOLOR presets. They are also FURTHER DISCUSSED in the DVinfo Forum.

And below is footage of a cutom preset ("VISION") by John Hope. The link with the actual video will also provide the settings of his preset.

XHA1 Preset: VISION from John Hope on Vimeo.

Here is the "VIVIDRGB" preset being tested out...

Trying out the VividRGB preset (XH A1) from Jesper Dudal on Vimeo.

Here is a LINK to the thread with the (updated) VIVIDRGB preset. There was an original version that was revised.

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