Friday, October 24, 2008

DIY: Microphone Pop Filter

A pop filter for your microphone is not an onerous expense. You have to really go out of your way to spend in excess of $50-100, and you can even get away with spending $20. That being said, here are a few DIY videos with respect to making your own pop filter for $10 or less.

In a filmmaking context, a pop filter will be of use particularly when it comes to ADR. You will know what the absence of a pop filter sounds like by recalling audio cases where a hard "P" or "T" hits the microphone with excessive air pressure, creating a noxious sound. Also, painfully hissing and airy "S" sounds can be corrected with a filter.

The principles are pretty straightforward. Enjoy the videos.

Also, here is a step-by-step ARTICLE from on constructing your own pop filter.

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