Sunday, September 21, 2008

Canon XHA1: VISION02 Preset by John Hope

In the continuing search for the perfect XHA1 presets to combat its drab out-of-the-box color rendition, we have a new and pretty effective entry. As we know, there have been a wide array of presets developed, including some fine work by Steven Dempsey and Paolo Ciccone, among others.

Here, John Hope has developed VISION02.

Feel free to take a look at it in action in the following clip.

New VISION02 preset test from John Hope on Vimeo.

The preset is also used in the Phil Kneen video I refer to in this other POST of mine (the seagull footage only).

If you like what you see from this preset, you can download it HERE.

And be sure to thank John Hope. Here is his VIMEO PAGE.

But at least now you have another option.

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