Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Canon HV30: Slow Motion Footage

Here at the Jack Cabbage Camera Battles, we have spent a fair bit of time examining the affordable but effective Canon HV30. In the interests of a more complete survey of the camera and its performance, I have collected several clips of the HV30 being used to capture slow-motion footage. This will naturally be a consideration for many filmmakers, and hopefully the following clips will help illustrate the results that are being achieved by current HV30 users.

The following clip shows tap water in slow motion, passing through a wine glass (also acting as a prism for light).

Slow Water HV30 Slow motion from Copenhagen on Vimeo.

The clip below shows people diving (with resulting water splashes) and a strong blue color-correction.

HV30 Slow Motion Cinematography from Brett on Vimeo.

A hummingbird in action...

Slow-motion Hummingbird from Paul Konopacki on Vimeo.

And some talented soccer that would even look cool at normal speed...

slow motion test. Canon HV30 from styleload on Vimeo.

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