Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nikon D90: Pulling Focus (Video)

When it first appeared on the market, the Nikon D-90 DSLR camera made a lot of waves because it not only provided the capacity to take excellent still photographs -- but also added the ability to record 720p video, at a true 24p frame rate.

Naturally, there is the ability to change lenses as with most still cameras. But the ability to change lenses in conjunction with the D-90's chip allow the potential to record video with a much shallower depth of field than would normally occur with more expensive prosumer video cameras such as the Canon XHA1 or Panasonic HVX with their three 1/3" CCD chips.

As an example for your reference, I have collected a few videos taken by D-90 users, with an emphasis on the camera's ability to pull focus (providing a shallow depth of field) while in video mode. Ths shallow depth of field is typically only achievable with prosumer video cameras when a depth of field adapter is employed (with its resulting light loss).

D90 from Drew Ott on Vimeo.

Testen Nikon D90 from donker:oranje on Vimeo.

Nikon D90 from Laurence Davis on Vimeo.

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