Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SONY EX1: Undercrank / Time Lapse - Footage

In addition the EX1's overcrank abilities, it also has the capacity to shoot at reduced frames per second to allow a time-lapsed fast motion effect. Think of the 2-second sunrises and sunsets in Gladiator as transitions between major scenes.

Jamie Baughman has again treated the video community to some test samples, one at a BUSY STREETCORNER and the other of PASSING CLOUDS.

And here, we see some interesting timelapse work by Philip Bloom, taking advantage also of the Letus Extreme (also featuring a number of overcrank shots).

South Bank HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

**Addendum: Unfortunately, the video "Timelapse Broadbeach Sony X1" by Geoff Charters" was deleted by the producer. Please explore the site for more footage of your camera of choice.**

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Geoff said...

Hi Jack,
The video "Timelapse at Broadbeach" was actually deleted by a hacker to my website. He claims to be a producer.