Thursday, June 26, 2008

HVX: Overcrank and Undercrank

Here, I am gathering up some footage of overcrank and undercrank from the Panasonic HVX as a counterpart to the collection of EX1 clips.

Alex Overcrank from keyboardsurgery on Vimeo.

In the above clip, we see the HVX at work. One thing that caught my eye in this clip is the level of frame rate flicker seemed pretty consistent with the EX1 in terms of quick-moving objects.

And now a 24p slow-motion beer pour...

Sam Adams hvx200 Overcrank Slow Motion Raw Footage from Geoff Albach on Vimeo.

And of course, more skateboarding...

HVX testing slow motion from kylegherman on Vimeo.



Here is a good ARTICLE BY BARRY GREEN, the HVX guru. Not only does he discuss variable frame rates as they apply to the HVX, but also the general use and effect of different frame rates in the context of narrative storytelling for all videographers.

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