Saturday, July 5, 2008

HVX: Stock Lens - Footage

There has been a significant amount of interest from the readers regarding what sort of footage can be achieved with the various cameras using the stock lens.

It is true that not everyone will be purchasing and using a depth of field adapter. Even if they intend to do so, it may be some time away financially and so the use of a camera with the stock lens will be a necessity, whether temporary or permanent.

That said, it is worth taking a look at what people are achieving with the cameras out of the box. No additional $2,000 plus on adapters and 35 mm lenses.

Again, don't necessarily blame the camera if someone fatally overexposes or underexposes a shot, but also don't necessarily credit the camera if someone has an amazing eye for composition either...

Here is a glimpse at some Panasonic HVX 200 footage. Stock lens.

SHE - Mike the Swan- Music Video from Grant Baldwin on Vimeo.


In the clip below, all shots not using a fisheye lens are with the stock lens. You should be able to detect the fisheye shots pretty easily.

Allston Session from RE1000 on Vimeo.

Day at the park from Jason McMurtrey on Vimeo.

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