Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SONY EX1: Filming Fast Action - Footage

While there is a ton of footage out there of the EX1 being used for tranquil and serene settings and subject matter, and performing very well - there has not been a great deal of footage online of the EX1 being used to capture fast paced and jarring action.

With that in mind, I'm collecting some clips of exactly that kind of footage and posting them.

I'll let you make your own judgments on the results of how the CMOS chip and rolling shutter perform.

Celtic Invasion Boxing Patrick Hyland V Mike Dobbs from Joshua Fleetwood on Vimeo.

In the boxing clip above, do note that because of the CMOS chip, there is no risk of vertical banding from the overhead lights above the boxing ring. With a CCD camera, there is a good chance that the columns of pixels hit by the bright overhead lights against the black background would be blown out in an extremely ugly way.

Airshow 2008 Singapore from VideoCobra on Vimeo.

KGB Experience Lithuania from Philip Bloom: Five News on Vimeo.

The above Philip Bloom news piece is another example where banding might have occurred on a CCD camera.

Bear in mind that I don't necessarily know much about the frame rate used, shutter angle, or post production of these clips.

Realy fast from Kristian Kettner on Vimeo.

But the above was filmed in 24p, 60fps and then sped up in post. Therefore, not the best representation of what would be involved if there were dialogue present, etc. But still an interesting piece of work.

T-REX 600 from Bogdan Kramliczek on Vimeo.

And a music video...

NOT THEM - FEEL IT YET from Marco Menestrina on Vimeo.

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