Friday, November 7, 2008

Canon HV30: Green Screen by Richie Muniak

People are achieving some pretty decent key work with the consumer-priced Canon HV30.

I have previously put up a couple of clips by Richie Muniak from his posted ADP work but it is an interesting exercise to look at the variety of clips he has achieved by keying one simple shot (a few seconds of an unusual dance).

Some of the finished products will illustrate the possibilities for matching your keyed image to various backgrounds, including classic 1980s video games. And even if you find a couple of the placed keys aren't color corrected to perfection, the series is still worth it for a laugh.

What the fractal noise?

ADP: Raw footage from Richie Muniak on Vimeo.

ADP: Multi-Man Marathon from Richie Muniak on Vimeo.

ADP: Leisure Suit Larry 1 (EGA) from Richie Muniak on Vimeo.

ADP: La Muette on a good day from Richie Muniak on Vimeo.

ADP: Billy Blanks from Richie Muniak on Vimeo.


Richie Muniak said...

Look Ma, I'm Famous!

I know about color correction, I'm new to editing, that's my next focus :)

Also, this ADP theme is from a series of commercial interruptions from Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. It was called Aquaman Dance Party. It included aquaman dancing to that same song I am :)

Jack Cabbage said...

Once you've made it to JC, you've made it to the big time! Keep up the good work, Richie. I'm sure your talents will translate to your editing.