Sunday, June 22, 2008

SONY EX1: 25p Crane Shot - Footage

Well, this is a topic that I want to delve into extensively, but I just came across a clip that stands out in terms of its value as a test at this point and wanted to make a quick post.

The following videographer wanted to test the EX1 on a crane shot for rolling shutter artifacts, given that rolling shutter paranoia seems to be sweeping the globe. Now, I am actually quite a bit more sensitive to rolling shutter skew and wobble than most viewers. I tend to see it where others don't.

And I have to say that this fellow's footage is reasonably confidence-inspiring. It appears to be shot at 24p and while it does have that 24p flicker and stutter (which some feel is more pronounced in the EX1) and which may also be exaggerated a bit by web delivery, this footage does hold up pretty well and is a decent testament for the EX1.

Correction: The footage, I have learned, was shot at 25p, proving that at least over the web, I don't have Kyptonian Super-Eyes when it comes to detecting this minor difference in frame rate. That said, 25p does give a good approximation of how 24p will be handled.

**Addendum: Unfortunately, the video "EX1 Crane Tests (Rolling Shutter)" by James Watson was deleted by the producer. Please explore the site for more footage of your camera of choice.**

Bear in mind also that this was a pretty well-executed crane shot and that one with minor vibrations or shake would have a greater potential to bring rolling shutter artifacts or Jellocam into play.

Out for now.

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