Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Canon XHA1: A User's First Day with the Camera

The following video is simply a decent example of what people are doing with the Canon XHA1 directly out of the box, on the first day. The filmmaker here (Nathan McClendon) did a little bit of research and downloaded Steven Dempsey's VIVIDRGB preset (wisely avoiding the Canon factory settings) but beyond that, did not benefit from any accessories such as a depth of field adapter, steadicam, dolly or such. The end result? Just some pretty good images for someone's first day with the camera.

Xha1 First Day from Nathan McClendon on Vimeo.

"Dangerous Women" with Ellen Sandweiss: Episode 1

I mentioned previously that a new web series called "Dangerous Women" featuring the three actresses from the original "Evil Dead" film was in the works. The 1981 Sam Raimi film starred Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker and Sarah York, and the three have now reunited for the StrikeTV web series. I am particularly interested in watching how the web model for content production (particularly with respect to drama) evolves.

You are now put on notice that EPISODE 1 of "Dangerous Women" is online.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Dangerous Women" starring Ellen Sandweiss

In another example of how made-for-the-web programming is developing as a prolific and commercially viable form of programming - though the profit model has yet to fully mature - we have the initial trailer for the upcoming web series "Dangerous Women."

The series stars horror scream queen Ellen Sandweiss, most famous for her work in the initial "Evil Dead" movie, directed by Sam Raimi (the "Spiderman" series of films). She has also gone on to a fairly prolific DVD horror film career.

At present, there is no embeddable version of the trailer. However, it can be easily viewed on Facebook video by visiting the following link: DANGEROUS WOMEN TRAILER.