Thursday, June 19, 2008

SONY EX1: Footage in 24p Mode

Those who want to use their video camera to create narrative film are definitely going to be giving some thought to filming in 24p mode, the frame rate that film cameras record in.

Some people have raised possible questions about how the EX1 looks in this mode. So I have gathered together a few clips of the EX1 in 24p to let you be the judge.

A Flight in a B-17 from Torv Carlsen on Vimeo.

I know I said I'd leave you to your own opinions, but in this one case I have to comment on the above clip. While the photographer got some nice shots and the clip has been generally well received by viewers, it does also represent to me an instance where the rolling shutter Jellocam phenomenon crept in to a minor degree on some of the handheld footage. Perhaps upon watching the clip, you won't even see any Jellocam happening. It isn't an issue for many people unless it reaches extreme levels. Or, maybe you think I'm imagining it, which is also a possibility, I suppose.

Environmental Science PSA HD from Robert L. Mickles on Vimeo.

A Bald Place - Letus Extreme 24p Film - HDTV from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

The following clip was actually filmed in 25p, but does show the EX1 panning through nature scenery at a similar framerate.



Finally, there has been some discussion about whether the EX1 tends to exaggerate flicker and stutter more than competing cameras when shooting 24p. Shooting 24p on any camera, film included, will have a stutter and flicker between frames that you may not notice until you actually take a look at the issue with editing or camera purchasing in mind, and it will be most visible, even in Hollywood blockbusters, on fast pans and fast action. That said, there are rumblings that the EX1 has an exaggerated flicker at this frame rate.

HERE and HERE and HERE are some discussions on the topic.

You be the judge.

For what it is worth, the following is a well-done documentary piece, shot on the EX1 in 24p, that includes a great deal of panning. I think he did a pretty solid job with them.

Martin the Tailor from Ed David on Vimeo.


Amit Virmani said...


I'm considering shooting a doc on the EX1 and I found your post very informative/helpful. One possibly off-topic question: 24p or 25p? I instinctively want to go w/ 24p (ooh, it's so film and all!), yet some have suggested 25p would be the preferred shoot format for most HD broadcasters.

Jack Cabbage said...

Hi Amit. Glad you gained something from the pages.

Do you know where your primary target destination for the documentary is? Blow up to film? PAL or NTSC broadcast TV? etc...

These will be factors in your decision...