Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SONY EX1: Overcrank - Footage

The EX1 permits a number of variable framerates, with more available at lower screen resolutions. This permits the camera to be used to "overcrank" or shoot more frames per second than the rate at which they will be played back, allowing for a smooth slow-motion effect.

This video (Youtube compression, unfortunately) features the EX1 being used to both over- and under-crank.

Here is an OVERCRANK TEST OF A FLAG RIPPLING posted by Jamie Baughman, who also provides an WATER FOUNTAIN OVERCRANK TEST.

And here, of course, is a CLIP BY PHILIP BLOOM that features some EX1 overcrank. As mentioned previously, it is pretty much the ambition of most EX1 owners to parallel the results achieved by Mr. Bloom with this camera.

And some nice raindrops footage...

Rain Drop [DOF] from Ross Loosemore on Vimeo.

And some more stuff...

The Swim Meet - Preview from Scott Karlins on Vimeo.

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