Saturday, August 9, 2008

DIY: C-Stand

Well, for people putting together micro-production-houses and counting pennies... One area where you may be able to save some money without hurting your quality too much is by constructing your own c-stands.

The dude (TCINDIE at who posted this blog entry made his c-stand for about $39 in materials, which is a pretty substantial saving over what is on the open c-stand market.

Anyway, here is the LINK and if it helps you, fantastic.

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Cole McDonald said...

Thanks for linking YAFIUNDERGROUND in the crane/jib portion of this post, just saw you in my server logs (from a few months ago) as a referrer. Good to be noticed. I have now added the pan and tilt head to my crane (cole's crane) - I'm Cole... we're able to get big complex camera moves now... especially when I put the crane on my dolly :) 50' of track gives lots of room to play.