Monday, August 4, 2008

Lighting for Video: Instructional Links

Given that proper attention to lighting and technique is one of the things that beginning and amateur filmmakers can gloss over, and that it is also quite possibly the number one way to make your project look professional, here are a few useful and instructional links on lighting for film and video...

A good ARTICLE at

AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER: A great resource, and they have back issues online with helpful photos.

The ARRI LIGHTING HANDBOOK, with information not solely limited to use with Arri's.

A FEW TIPS at FilmSchoolOnline.

Some QUICK TIPS on 3-Point and Interview Lighting, and a COUPLE MORE.

Some PODCASTS from Izzy Digital Video.

And a quick VIDEO from DVCreators on how to set up a 3 point shoot.

And finally, a good POST over at BlueSky-Web.

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