Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cinevate's Video University: A Useful Tool Whether You Buy or Not...

Canadian independent film supplier Cinevate has been around for a while, and is best known probably for their development of the Brevis 35 depth of field adapter, generally considered to be one of the primary players in the oligopoly that also include Letus and Redrock, etc.

I am not here to promote Cinevate products in particular, nor to drive traffic to their site. I personally don't have a great deal of experience with their items and can't give a well-educated recommendation on whether to use or not use their dollies or mattebox. I certainly can't recommend against using them.

But one thing I can suggest that is worth your time, whether you are interested in buying Cinevate products or not, is checking out their VIDEO UNIVERSITY, which includes tutorials on the setup and use of various items in their catalogue.

Granted, these videos are intended as promotional materials for their products, but that doesn't mean they don't have informational value in general. These tutorials can be of particular use, in my opinion:

(1) If you are pretty new to the field or to film equipment and just want an orientation as to the purpose and basic function of items such as dollies and matteboxes.

(2) If you are a DIY fanatic and like to build your own equipment, you may get some ideas and benefit from the more extensive R&D that the professionals have been able to do.

Anyway, the videos include tutorials on their dollies, adapters, matteboxes and such. And the company has a pretty good reputation for product quality, as well its founder Dennis Wood being known for a pretty helpful disposition. So, feel free to check the video university out. If it's too basic and you find the videos too commercial, feel free to move on. But if you learn a little bit from the videos, all the better.

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