Thursday, June 19, 2008

EX1 vs. HVX: Selected Readings

The following are just some articles, blog entries and forum posts on the topic of comparing these two cameras, for those interested in some other perspectives and experiences. Naturally, especially in the case of forum threads, don't believe absolutely everything you read.

ProVideoCoalition discusses the cameras

Philip Bloom on the topic

And here are a fellow pro's thoughts and rationale for choosing the HVX over the EX1 as his next purchase.

Various Forum Threads:

EX1 vs. HVX for Narrative Work

EX1 vs. HVX Shootout at Creative Cow

HVX fanboys getting hated on at Creative Cow

More Discussion at Creative Cow

And more...

Light Sensitivity Discussion at Creative Cow

Discussion at

Finally, the following link is footage of a side-by-side shootout of the two cameras of various scenes and calibration charts.

Shootout Tests

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