Sunday, October 5, 2008

Philip Bloom Short Film Competition #2

The 2nd Philip Bloom film competition has just been announced, with an open call for anyone and everyone to participate. In the vein of Mr. Bloom's own work, the contest involves taking a track of pleasing music and interpreting it through images as you see fit, possibly with a cinematic collage, possibly in some other way if it suits your fancy.

The deadline for entries is November 15.

Further information can be found on this THREAD at Philip Bloom's forum.

I'm not sure what prize there is, if any. In Mr. Bloom's words, he is "hoping to get a couple of good prizes this time." That said, it sounds like great practice and an interesting challenge. With the amount of time most of you probably spend in the editing room anyway...

The familiar but royalty-free music can be downloaded HERE. Give it a listen and see if anything comes to mind...


We have been informed that the prizes include a $500 voucher from Letus Direct and a copy of Magic Bullet Looks, a piece of software that can do wonders for your color correction, even if you're a beginner. Anyway, if you were on the fence about participating, that should present a bit of motivation.

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Philip bloom said...

got two prizes! $500 letus direct voucher and also Magic Bullet Looks for the winner!