Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Jack Cabbage Shopping Guide

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have added (in the top left) the JACK CABBAGE SHOPPING GUIDE.

This is essentially a collection of items that can be purchased online, organized by type and function. Whether you are planning on purchasing any particular items or just doing some window shopping, hopefully this will help you get a quick handle on the going rates for certain common, necessary and optional items in your filmmaking / videography pursuits.

All of the items in the shopping guide I either own, have owned in the past (and did not hate them), or have given serious consideration to purchasing. In otherwords, some items on there I would personally vouch for. Others, I am not able to say anything bad about from personal experience. But none of them do I consider to be poor items or not worthy of consideration.

I know that when I was starting out, just finding out (a) what items might be necessary or useful and (b) what were reasonable prices for those items, could be a fairly exhausting, overwhelming and (at times) discouraging exercise. The items in the Jack Cabbage Shopping Guide are by no means exhaustive and many seasoned pros would have alternate preferences. But if it gets you started on the right path, then I'm a happy man.

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