Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cameras and Online Crowdsourcing Pitches:
Coulda Woulda Shoulda Book

The second notable (non-film) video pitch from the current crop on Indiegogo comes from the Books / Writing section of the site.

In this case, the writer uses the medium of video to good effect by, like Michael Hubbs, appearing in the video, as well as using video as a way of expressing some of what the book in question likely has to offer.

What makes this instance particularly stand out is that few of the aspiring writers pitching their novels, comics or other forms of literature took the opportunity to make a pitch video at all, much less one that employs any production values.

The video appears to be shot with a consumer HD camera, with infinite focus and a minimalist indoor set. But a library of fairly simply composed shots (all on the same set) are given some variety through effective transitions (like simulated rewinds).

Standing out in particular are the opening credits for the writing brand, with "Wordsmith & Wesson" in an attractive font, on top of a pattern that has been subjected to a simple but effective vignette effect.

As well, there is also some effective animation, as the protagonist of the pitch is progressively hidden behind a growing stack of digitally overlaid (but sufficiently realistic for these purposes) books.

The pitch video follows below:

And the site for the pitch itself on Indiegogo is here:

Coulda Woulda Shoulda on Indiegogo

Again, feel free to compare it to the pitch videos (where they have even been attempted) and consider how effectively the option of adding video - to the task of selling the written word - has been employed in each case.

Hit me back if you think anyone else out there is using video and the accompanying techniques to good effect in this arena.

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